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Metallic Mid Sleeves Lace Dress
Metallic Mid Sleeves Lace Dress

Tamara Shouder Draped Gown
Tamara Shouder Draped Gown

Off the Shoulder Lace Corset Gown
Off the Shoulder Lace Corset Gown


1. Is your shop in HK and do you have a physical shop?

A: We operate this online shop“Dress Up” in Hong Kong, we also have a 1300 sqf physical store in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


2. How to choose the correct size?

A: There's size guide on our website showing the flat measurements of each dress.  Measure your bust, waist & hip with a soft tape to decide your size.  Be aware that different brands can have very different measurement under the same size.


3. What if I don't like the item I bought, can I get a refund?

A: Details of our return policy, please refer to our Return Policy.


4. How long does it take to get my purchased item from Dress Up?

A. If you are in HK, it will take 2~7 working days before you can receive your purchased items. Please note that we do not deliver over weekends. Oversea shipping will take 1~2 weeks.  We receive a lot of orders and need time to process your order, please be patient.


5. Do you ship overseas and is the shipping free?

A. We ship worldwide, details please refer to delivery info.


6. Paypal check out errors (Error 10417)

A. Paypal sometimes declines credit cards that might have financial problems.  Another reason your credit cards are rejected is that there's problem with your credit cards.  When you check out with Paypal, occasionally a error says 10417  might occur, please contact Paypal directly to solve the problem with your credit cards.


7. Product price in your store change sometimes, why?

A. Product price will be adjust on a periodic basis, we adjust the price of our dresses according to our cost and inventory.  We raise or lower the price of the garment when the demand and supply change.


8. Are products' price the same in the store as shown online?

A. Price listed online and price in our physical store might have slight difference.


9. Why some of your garments' tags were cut? What is factory overrun?

A. Factory overruns are goods supposedly manufactured in excess of the original order.  A lot of these overruns are sold in our store with label cut-off.


10.  Why some dresses I see online I cannot find in your shop?

A. Our stocks are limited, sometimes we post it online but then sold out very quickly, we are not able to update the website as quick enough.  The most updated stock can be found in our shop in Sheung Wan.


11. Some dresses in your shop is not posted online?

A. Yes, a lot of dresses we do not post photos online,  due to low stock we only just display it in the shop, and do not take picture of that item to post online.  So you are most recommended to visit our store to check our products.